New Credit Card won't download QFX, just csv? How to convert? (Q Mac)

Company telling me Quicken doesn't do enough to ensure security and asks for too much information. So how do I download and csv file and convert it to a QFX for Mac? thanks.


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    Well, first: that's a load of BS from the credit card company! ;) If they allowed you, their customer, to download a QFX-format file from their server, then there is no security with Quicken involved at all. You'd just be downloading a file, the same as you can now download a CSV file. So it's crazy that they blame Quicken for lax security when Quicken isn't involved in a file download at all! And Quicken asks for too much information? For a download file? Huh?? Clearly, they just don't want to provide downloads in QFX format for their Quicken-using customers, like most other credit card and financial institutions. 

    Quicken Mac can't import CSV transaction files. (Ironically, because CSV files aren't uniform enough to insure that improving them into Quicken won't mess up your data.) Your only recourse, assuming you want to continue with this credit card company, is to purchase a third-party program which converts CSV to QFX (by impersonating the ID of a legitimate financial institution which participates with Quicken). This process is obviously not endorsed by Quicken, but some Quicken users do it out of necessity. The Quicken moderators don't allow us to post the names of other software products on this forum, and because I've never used one of these products, I can't vouch for them anyway. But if you Google "csv to qfx converter mac" you'll find a few options. (I believe there are also some free CSV to OFX converters out there, but then you need to learn how to edit the OFX file to insert a proper financial institution ID so it becomes a QFX file Quicken will accept. Google "Intu BID" to find out about that.)
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