Quicken Deluxe 2020 Mac - Sync Error

I recently somehow got hooked up to the Quicken Cloud. Because of the age of my MAC desktop I was unable to get updates, unable to download. I eventually figured out (I think) how to get back to my usual connection. However I am only to able to sync a couple of accounts. My USAA and my Fidelity are working. NFCU (Checking, Savings, Mortgage) and my credit card accounts are getting a Sync Error, and asks me try back later.

While I was trying to figure out next steps, I did also set up a Quicken for Windows on a PC... but really don't like the lack of some features I have grown accustomed to on the MAC. That is via the cloud and separate file. Not sure if that would cause a problem?


  • volkswagen725
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    I followed these directions I found in the community for Sept 2021- and it worked. I will have re-do my scheduled transactions, but no more sync error!

    We had to do the "nuclear option" to get rid of this error.

    1 Sign out of the mobile app, if you're using it.

    2 If Sync to Mobile is turned on in the desktop, deselect all available accounts to download and then RESET the cloud. Then turn off Sync to Mobile.

    3 Export your data file and use the .QXF format.

    4 Start a new data file and make sure you do NOT select Sync to Mobile as an option.

    5 When prompted, just start a new file. Do not select one of the other options.

    6 In your blank data file, IMPORT the .QXF file you exported earlier.

    This may take a while for the import.

    The "nuclear" part is...all reports, budgets and scheduled transactions will need to be re-created. OUCH.

    But you shouldn't get that Sync Error message any more.

    Back up your data file first...and good luck. Let us know how this goes.
  • volkswagen725
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    It's baaack... this seemed to work only temporarily... I really don't want to by a new MAC until the fall.
    I will contact the Quicken Suppport...
  • volkswagen725
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    Spoke with Quicken Support, no fix for this... def need to update OS
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    @volkswagen725 What version of macOS is running on your computer? And what version of Quicken Mac?

    Quicken Support may say that Quicken requires the current OS (Monterey) or two most recent operating systems (Big Sur or Catelina), but that's not exactly accurate. When macOS Monterey came out in the fall, it didn't suddenly make Quicken Mac unable to run on the prior operating system (Mojave). Eventually, they make some changes int he program which own't run on Mojave, but as of now, you shouldn't;t have problems with Mojave. If you're using anything older (High Sierra or older), you shouldn't be able to run the current Quicken Mac (version 6.7). I you are not running Quicken Mac version 6.4 or newer, you will have problems using the online transaction downloading feature in the program. 
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    My OS is so old, how old is it? Way old - El Capitan as is my desktop... Quicken Deluxe Mac 2020 Version 5.18.2 (Build 518.35919.100) Thanks for the information I appreciate your time.
  • volkswagen725
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    I did find that if I reset and leave Quicken open on my desktop I am able to download transactions, but is definitely a fingers crossed situation until I get my MAC replaced
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