Why: "this account has never been reconciled"

Why are you telling me "this account has never been reconciled" when I have been reconciling this account for decades. [Removed - Disruptive] 


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    Who is the "you" you think you're talking to? This forum is fellow Quicken users (like me) plus a handful of site moderators who work for Quicken. You're not talking to the programmers, or the president of the company — just people who would be happy to try to help you with your problem if you take a breath and present your information calmly.

    You say you've been reconciling the account for decades. Well, the current incarnation of Quicken Mac has only been around for about seven-and-a-half years, and the feature to track the detailed history of account reconciliations has been around for about 16 months. Have you been using the current Quicken Mac over the past couple years, or did you recently switch from the old Quicken 2007 or Quicken Windows? Can you clarify what you're doing and where you're seeing that message?

    In your account register, do you have the "Clr" column visible? If not, click on the Columns icon in the bottom toolbar and check the box to make "Clr" visible in your register. If you see green checkmarks on older transactions, then they were indeed previously reconciled, but perhaps not in the current Quicken Mac. This likely isn't a big problem to resolve, but you'll need to fill in the answers to these questions in order for us to point you int he right direction.
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