Adding new accounts for WF Advisors under spouse login with all other accounts under deceased spouse

I have several accounts that were set up under my father's login that I manage for WF Advisors. He passed away and some new accounts were created for my mom and I am trying to add those to my parents file in Quicken for Windows Enterprise, but it keeps switching back to my Dad's login after I add them under my mom's login. I need the new accounts to stay under my mom's login to download activity which it is not doing


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    Please accept my condolences on the passing of your father.  That is never an easy thing to deal with.
    Have you deactivated your father accounts in Quicken (Account Register > upper right Gear icon > Edit Account Details > Online Services tab > Deactivate...repeat for each account)?  Doing this will prevent Quicken from updating the accounts with your father's login.
    The other thing is that WF Advisors should have generated new account numbers for the new accounts created for your mother.  Did you set up these as new accounts in Quicken?  If not, do Add Account for Wells Fargo Advisors using your mother's login.  This process should download data for each of the new WF Advisor accounts.  If you have already set up accounts in Quicken for them, be sure to link the downloaded accounts data to the correct accounts in Quicken.  If you have not already set up accounts for them, you can let Quicken add them as new accounts to Quicken.
    Does this answer your question(s) or resolve the issue for you?

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    To add to what @Boatnmaniac said - After to link your mother's new accounts for online processing, reactivate and keep your father's old account's activated until all activity and residual income is processed and downloaded.  This residual activity, if any, then would to be transferred to your mom's account.
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    @Stefani Graff :  I think @Damian makes a good point, especially if it has been less that a couple of weeks since the assets in your father's accounts were transferred by WF Advisors to your mother's new accounts.  If there is any additional pending activity/residual income to be realized it most likely will be a relatively small amount and WF Advisors will likely automatically roll it over to your mother's new accounts.
    If you are like me, I like to track things down to the penny so I might just do what he suggested.  But other people are not so detail oriented and might not want or feel a need for that.  So, it's a personal choice as to whether or not you should reactivate your father's accounts.
    Perhaps you might want to ask WF Advisors if there might still be some pending transactions with regard to your father's investments and, if so, how will they manage it?  Then you can take it from there and decide what you want to do regarding reactivating your father's accounts.

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