Is there a way to run a report of ONLY closed and/or hidden accounts

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From time to time, I want to view info in accounts that I previously marked "hide in account bar and account list" and/or closed. I know how to "show" hidden accounts in the Account List window along with all other account. But it would be easier if I could display ONLY the hidden and/or closed accounts or run a report that includes ONLY hidden/closed accounts.


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    Try this, which should work if the accounts are also marked Separate. This works because the Show Hidden box is mislabeled and it actually controls showing Separate accounts. Quicken may change this someday.

    On the Reports Accounts customization tab, select the Selected accounts option
    Check the Show Hidden box and Select All
    Uncheck the Show Hidden box and Clear All (Clear All just de-selects the accounts that are currently displayed)
    Check the Show Hidden box.

    Thai should select just the accounts that you have marked Separate.

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    @LeaningTower - Try this.  Pull up the Account List (Ctrl-A).  Check the box at the bottom "Show hidden accounts".  Click on the printer icon below the checkbox.  In the print options screen click on the "Export to" button.  In the dropdown list, choose "tab-delimited" and then click on "Export".  Save the report where you wish and open it with Excel.  It will list out all your accounts, but you can easily tell which ones you closed or hidden.
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    Thank you Jim and Damian.
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