Prompts me to send online payments that no longer exist

V R40.21 Build

I had online payments to send. Sent them and according to WF they were received and in their que for payment. However, Quicken continued to asks they be sent. So I deleted the payments on the register (and will re-add them manually). Quicken still asks they be sent, even though they do not show in the "to be sent" register. I have Super Validated the file. Any ideas on how to eliminate the "you have online bill payments to send". Thank you,


  • Sherlock
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    This is a long standing issue.  To clear the flag, you may need to recreate the account register.  I suggest you create a copy of the Quicken file (select File > Copy or Backup file and choose Create a copy or template).  Note: All the online services will be disconnected in the copy.  In the copy, I suggest you create a new offline account register, move the transactions from the original register, reset any reminders and memorized payees, and delete the original register before activating the online services.
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