Quicken Not Loading All Data From .QFX File


I recently began using quicken, I am using Quicken Deluxe via the Windows Subscription model.

Version: R40.21

The problem I am having is in regards to importing .QFX data that I've download from American Express. I am downloading the entire history of data that is available, for some cards it is the past 2 years, for other cards it is the past 8 months. However, Quicken is not loading all of the data from these .QFX files - some transactions are skipped, resulting in the "total" reported by Quicken to be different than the actual total on the account.

In particular, for one of my accounts, the history contains 302 transactions. However, quicken only loaded 298 of them. I went through manually to find the 4 missing transactions, and I confirmed that they exist in the .QFX data, so I am unsure as to why they are not loading.

I also have another account with 1002 transactions, but only 939 are loading into quicken.

There are no error messages when the data is loaded. After the first time I loaded these .qfx files, any subsequent attempts to load the data don't seem to show Quicken doing anything. In some of these attempts Quicken gets stuck in the "One Step Update..."


  • Sherlock
    Sherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    If a transaction in the QFX file has an FITID field previously imported into a register, Quicken will silently exclude the transaction from being imported into the register.