Is there a way to remove all memos and amounts from memorized payee list?

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Question: Is there a way to remove all memos and amounts from memorized payee list? I would like to not have any information in those fields so they don't overwrite my info.


  • Open the Memorized Payee List.  Maximize the window.  Highlight all of the entries by highlighting the top entry then go down to the last entry, hold down your shift key and click on the last entry.  This should highlight your entire list.  You can delete all of them by right clicking anywhere on the list and choosing "Delete".  You can also do this by hitting the "Delete" key in the lower right corner of the list window. 
  • Chris_QPW
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    @Damian that will delete the memorized payees, I believe the @jlspitzer only wants to remove the memos and amounts but leave the memorized payee.  As far as I know you can't do that.

    Note that for future use there is a new option that allows not getting the memos when downloading transactions in a given account.  Account Details -> Online Services tab:

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    @Damian . I'm not sure you understand the question. You're answer leads me to believe that your answer will just delete all the Menorized payees, or am I missing something?
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    @Chris_QPW, you are correct. I only wanted to remove all the memos and memorized amounts. Thanks for the info about the download transaction checkbox. That won't remove the memorized amounts, though it is a start.
  • Sorry I must have misunderstood the question.  I agree @chris_QPW, the only way I know to delete amounts and memos is individually by going into each one and editing the information.
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    @Damian No issue. Thanks for trying.
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