Watchlist entries do not show any performance columns (like YTD or monthly).

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Do I have to create a dummy account with dummy purchases to monitor watchlist performance. Some columns are visible like ranges and pe.
Current Quicken on Windows10.


  • Jim_Harman
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    Many of Quicken's performance measures are based on your purchase and sales history and thus don't work for the Watch List.

    One exception is the Return (%) columns, which use data downloaded from Quicken's quote provider. Unfortunately this data is sometimes not up to date and may incorrectly show as N/A if you don't own any shares.

    If you provide examples of the securities affected, we may be able to provide additional help.
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    Thanks for explaining that. I would like to see 1mo, 3mo, ytd etc. performance numbers for watchlist for common equities but this is all I can get - see picture.
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