Math in line item entry window is broken

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Just updated to version 6.7.0 (Build 607.44072.100) When entering numbers in a line item and having it do the math, the math is wrong. I typically enter the cost of items that will have a sales tax associated with same items, e.g. 12.29 + 35.99 = 48.28 * 1.0925 is not 39.32 - it's 52.75. I'd post a picture but not possible. It wasn't broken in the previous version . .


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    Oops, I see this is covered in another post - please ignore
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    For those who can't seem to find the "other post" ... was the solution to the problem to NOT press "=" in the middle or at the end of your calculation entry? Something like 12.29+35.99*1.0925 ?
  • Jon
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    If I type "50+50*1.1" and press return, I get 110. So skipping over the "=" key still seems to work in that case.

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    Yes, the workaround solution until the developers (hopefully) fix what they broke in version 6.7 is to omit pressing = at the end of your calculation, and just press Tab to move to the next field.

    If you enter 2 * 3 = 6, Tab, then Quicken will put 3 — the last value entered — in the amount field. Not what anyone would expect.

    If you instead enter 2 * 3, Tab, the Quicken will put 6 — the result of the calculation — in the amount field, the value anyone would expect.
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