Please Fix - Some of the Windows/Functions for Investment Accts/Stock Transactions

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Please made the drop down window for stock transactions (to buy, sell, etc) like some of the other windows where one can enter some chars to find the matching selection (like account) to quickly find.    I would like to see it mimic when we search in the account list.  Right now one has to scroll through a list - which is a pain if you have alot of accounts.

Also add ability to select a block of transaction to delete/edit like one does on a normal register.   Also like to be able to move to the matching transaction.   (ex I shares were transferred to another brokerage or register).  These functions don't exist like they do on normal registers.



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    If you are working in the dialog "Enter Transactions" and get to the security entry, you can type characters and it will search your security list.

    You can edit/delete multiple transactions in an investment account by selecting the gear icon and select Edit Transactions.

    Why are these things not provided in the register?
    The truth is that the investment register is made up of a lot of complicated controls (not a standard table control) that they have hard time making any changes to without breaking things.  So, this is why you see them providing other ways outside of the register to do these kinds of things.
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