Can I securely publish read-only Quicken data to others?

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I use Quicken Windows to track my personal finances and also the finances of two small nonprofit organizations for which I am Treasurer. I would like to publish the Quicken data for each of those nonprofits on the web so that other people can view and query the data but not alter it. I would like to give this read-only privilege to specific other people for each organization, perhaps identified by Quicken IDs.
Is something like this possible with Quicken? Or are there other products that I should look at? Thanks.


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    Let's go back a step.  Are all 3 entities in a single Q Data file?  They shouldn't be.
    You, presumably, don't own those non-profits and if they are unrelated they should each have their own Q data file.
    THEN, you can produce all of the reports, for each non-profit that you'd like
    Q itself has no mechanism for picking users who can see data.
    And, it's a no-no to solicit for other products here.

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    I suppose you could give out a copy of the .qdf file so others can open it in their quicken program.  That won't affect your real .qdf file.  Then it won't matter what they do or change in it.  You still have the original data file.

    Or you should just post pdf files of reports.  But they won't be able to do anything with them but view them.  Or try exporting a report to excel.  Then they can open excel and manipulate the data.

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    Thanks to both NotACPA and volvogirl for their quick responses. To answer NotACPA, the three entities (personal, two nonprofits) have separate Q data files.
    I would rather not require the other people to have Q licenses. That suggests using reports, which is what I currently do. both in Excel and PDF formats. However, the other people want the very latest data sometimes, which would force me to make frequent reports. This is time-consuming. That's why I'm wondering about synching my data to the web using Quicken on the Web. A solution that hosts the data natively on the web, with various levels of access privilege provided and well controlled, might be better. NotACPA warned me against soliciting for other products here. I might investigate Quicken's Simplifi, and I see another well-known product that might work too.
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