why can I not sync change from cloud to android phone without logging out and then in...

I was having phone to cloud update problems, I reinstalled... This did not solve the problem and when resetting the cloud data the desktop program crashed repeatedly. I remembered the fix for this was the Mmondo patch and applied it. Now it resets data without crashing but still I can only sync from Phone > cloud > desktop. In the other direction, the desktop syncs to the cloud but the phone is not receiving updates from the cloud. UNLESS, I sign out of the app and sign in... The completion after the log off/on tells me that the data makes it to the cloud from the desktop, but that there is a problem with the handshake from cloud to phone (but not from phone to cloud in the other direction) I suspect this is an android 11 issue. Quicken has corrected recent camera and library issues arising from Android 11 problems. I am using window 10, latest and a oneplus 8T with android 11. I've reinstalled the app, didn't help. Probably a software issue with the app.
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