Ongoing Issue with Uncategorized items

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I have about $400,000 of uncategorized dollars showing up within my accounts. I do not make that kind of money and when I try to look at why my paycheck are giving me these amounts the system normally shows me zero amounts in all sections then randomly crashes when access the enter or exiting the entry. This has been going on for the past few months and patch releases. I one point I did see an amount in over $64,000 million dollars within these entries before it crashed. Thanks a BIG error otherwise I would be retired today!

At what point do you fix this problem? Or you credit me until this problem is resolved. How can I balance my account with these type of errors that have not been resolved. All the errors are within the current year. :#


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    Have you tried Validating, or even SuperValidating your data file?  Because these sound like data issues rather than program issues.

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