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For some reason, the latest version of quicken now uses "New Match" or "New" to match transactions.

So I have manually entered the transactions, I have created renaming rules so that when one of these comes in from the bank download or account update, it should match my transaction based upon the renaming rule, plus the amount of the transaction. So, I make a manual payment to my credit card. I have a rule to make what quicken believes the transaction to be, to match my named transaction.

If I make the payment Today, I will put it in the register today. Tomorrow, the bank notes it cleared in the download, however, it seems that since the dates do not match, quicken adds the transaction as new, rather than matching it to my manual transactions.

When the matching happened and were 'flagged' previously, this was NEVER an issue.

Seems this upgrade was "less than adequately" tested. Does anyone have an answer on how to fix this on my end since Quicken is no longer the product it used to be when Intuit was the owner?


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    If I make the payment Today, I will put it in the register today.

    What date did you put on the transaction in the register? Today's date? Or a date in the future (e.g., the payment due date)?
    Future dated register transactions are not considered for matching when downloaded transaction arrives before date on register transaction

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    I put in a date, the day before the bank actually records it. According to documentation 7 days previous would count as a match. That is not true
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    A couple of notes.  First off on the dates.  The date that Quicken is matching to is the downloaded posting date, and that one needs to be the same or earlier than the one you enter in the register.  So, imaging that a transaction actually posted yesterday, and you put the transaction in for today, and then download.  It will not match.  You can turn on the downloaded posting date column to check this.

    Next, are the amounts exactly they same?
    They have to be for an automatic match.

    Next on this statement:
    For some reason, the latest version of quicken now uses "New Match" or "New" to match transactions.

    You have switched to the mode where Quicken automatically puts the transactions into the register instead of going through the Downloaded Transactions tab.

    In this mode you get the New and New Match statuses, and you are supposed to review the transactions.  You mark them reviewed by clicking on the status icon/text and select reviewed (or any edits or doing a reconcile will clear this status too).  To do a manual match you would first make sure that the amount of the manually entered transaction is the same as the downloaded one, and then click on the Uncleared status of the manually entered transaction, and select the manual match menu option.

    With the automatic add off you go through the Downloaded Transactions tab and Accept the transactions into the register one at a time.  The automatic matching works the same as for the date and amount.

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