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In February our investment accounts moved to Schwab. Immediately I noticed an issue with Interest Income entries. They were not being categorized. This is interest income from cash balances in accounts.

RickO and others replied and I created a Renaming Rule that solved the problem for a couple of entry cycles. Now the problem has returned.

Attached are images of my Rule, The Register as it appears after downloading and the Inspector.

Since this issue has come and gone and the information in the Inspector data set has not changed, I am beginning to sense something on the Quicken end is involved.

Is there something I can do with the Rules to help?


  • jacobs
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    What if you create a renaming rule:

    and then change your QuickFill rule to the Payee = Schwab Bank. 

    I'm just wondering if something in the downloaded Payee name is messing up your current rule (such as an extra space or special character), so this would insure you have a consistent Payee name to use in the QuickFill rule. 
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  • gwpotter
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    I'll give it a try. Thanks -- it will be about 2 weeks before I get another set of these downloads.
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