Prior Reconciled Account Now Has an Out-Of-Balance Amount

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I was reconciling my April Checking Account and at the end showed that I has a difference in order to be in balance. History, I recon to my paper statements and have NEVER had to use an adjusting balance entry. Then this month, there was a difference, my starting and ending balances are correct, the dollar amount of my deposits and withdrawals are correct.

I went through my Recon History and found that July and August 2021 now has an a difference that adds up to my difference for April 2022. Ironically, the months of July/August 2022 show reconciled and there is NO adjusting entry.

Can anyone explain what has just happened and how to correct this?


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    I'm confused how you have reconciliations for July and August of 2022, when those months haven't occurred yet. And I'm unclear on what you're seeing in the Reconciliation History. When you click on your checking account in the left sidebar, and select Accounts > Reconciliation History, you're seeing a discrepancy showing for July 2021? If you click that month and click Re-Reconcile, what does the reconcile screen tell you about the discrepancy? If it was previously reconciled and is now out of balance, it should show that transaction was changed or deleted. 

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