Looking for experiences with TD BANK and OSU/direct connect, etc.

Now that Citizens Bank is dropping support within Quicken, am looking for pros and cons of switching to TD Bank. Can anyone confirm they allow direct connect? Are there any issues?


  • splasher
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    You can see for yourself by looking in the fidir.txt file found here:

    It is a hidden file, so you will need to change Windows settings to see it.
    You will be looking for entries that have DIRECT.  You can use either Notepad or Excel to look at the file, just don't make any changes to it.

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  • digitalmediaphile
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    @splasher yes, it shows as Direct, but then Citizens also still shows as Direct. So I am asking if any current TD Bank customers can confirm it is still working. When I phoned TD Bank and asked if they were planning to discontinue Direct Connect through Quicken, they could not answer authoritatively and the local branch referred me to the national support folks.

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