I need help in reconciling an account brought from Q2007 into Q Deluxe v 6.7.0

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Getting started reconciling efficiently is a mystery. My Q2007 file was started in 1994, but it was reconciled successfully in February, before bringing the file into Q2022 (which I assume is the proper 'quick reference' for the current version of Quicken).
Is there a recommended sequence of actions to get me started?


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    All the transactions you marked as reconciled in Quicken 2007 are still marked as reconciled in Quicken Mac. If you don't see the check marks, perhaps you don't have the "Clr" column visible in your register; click the Columns icon in the bottom toolbar and check "Clr". Now you should see green check marks for all your previously reconciled transactions.

    It might be a good place to start by doing a Reconcile through February. In the account register, click Reconcile in the bottom toolbar. In the Reconcile startup window, click the box to "Use Statement Balance." Enter the account ending value and date, click Next, and if everything is in order, there will be no new transactions to mark off as reconciled, and the top of the reconcile screen will show a $0.00 discrepancy. Then you can move on to reconcile March and April. 
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