Easiest to use Android, Apple or Web?

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My new laptop will probably be down tor 3 - 6 weeks for a warranty hinge repair. I have been a Quicken user for over 23 yrs, but have not used mobile. I want to continue to record transaction while the laptop is down. Which app or web is most similar to windows desktop Quicken?

Also, if I understand correctly what I have read, I will not be able to reconcile my account since the app will not have a mirror image of my desktop.

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    I would say the web version is the closest to the Desktop version.
    And you can in fact reconcile using it.

    I will note that it is like Quicken Windows in "automatic transaction entry mode" (or Quicken Mac).  Where the workflow is more like the transactions appear in the register and you "review" them (I just noticed that in this version of the web app they have changed the term from "review" to "accept", but it works the same, you are marking a transaction in register accepted/reviewed).

    For reconciling.

    Opps made it $8 positive not negative but will just go with!

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    Chris_QPW, Thank you for reply!!!
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