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For some reason, I beleived Quicken Mac had a report that displayed credit card balances and interest rates.  Am I making this up?  

With current Quicken Mac functionality, is there a way to create a customized credit card report w/ the following attributes:  credit card balance, interest rate, and utilization %?  



  • jacobs
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    No and no. ;) I don't recall there ever being a place where Quicken displays the interest rate of a credit card. For many cards and individuals, interest rates are variable, and I don't think there is a mechanism or standard for credit card companies transmit this with their transaction downloads, so unless users constantly updated it themselves, the information would likely be out of date. 

    The Account Summary report (which is an old report which might be eliminated at some point, since it is mostly the same as the newer Net Worth report) displays a column with the credit limit on credit card accounts, as well as current balance. While the Account Summary report shows limit and balance, it doesn't divide them to show the percent of credit used.) 
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    @jacobs - Thanks!  This is the report that I was looking for.  Although it doesn't have all of the info., it is a great start and something that I can quickly copy over to Excel and manipulate.  Looking to make a few purchases this year, thereby would like to ensure that I am keeping my utilization well below 35%.  
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