Sign In Issue: Quicken HB&RP 2018 [problem reinstalling expired subscription version]

Hi, yestarday I did reinstallation but I can't Sign In and it keeps saying Invalid Credentials. I tried to reset the password and wait for more than six hours but still doesn't work. However I can sign in into my account via web browser. My subscription has expired but I just want to keep entering my transactions manually.


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    Please do HELP, About Quicken and tell use the BUILD of the product that you're running and which Q product.
    Also, where are you located?  That could be a factor in your Credentials.

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  • UKR
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    To reinstall an expired Quicken Subscription (2018-2022) version, you need to "downlevel" the installed software to a version that was available BEFORE your subscription's expiration date. You cannot run with a newer version.
    See this procedure for details.
  • Thanks @UKR it works.
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