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    I am using Quicken for Windows using the latest release and I notice that my brokerage account and membership accounts often display stock listings according to the stock symbol, instead of the company name. This makes perfect sense as it is the standard and makes it easier to keep track of stocks this way instead of tracking these stocks by name. In the next release of Quicken, I would like to see an option for those who like to keep stock listings sorted by name or symbol.
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    Unfortunately the Account Overview (Holdings) view does does not support sorting by Symbol. One way to work around this is to name your securities so the names begin with the symbol, as in GE-General Electric. This naming convention is also helpful to distinguish similarly names securities, such as different mutual fund share classes.

    You can customize the Investing > Portfolio views to include the Ticker Symbol column and then sort in that order by clicking on the column heading.
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    Which view are you talking about here?
    1. The Holdings view, available from the investment account register, Holdings button or
    2. The Portfolio view, available from the Investing tab.
    The Portfolio view can be customized to show both the Name and the Ticker Symbol columns. You can sort this view by clicking the desired column header.
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