RESOLVED: Changing date in Portfolio View no longer changes "Market Value" as of that date.

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Moral of the story: Make sure you have the correct prices for everything before you decide there is a problem with the program...

When reconciling investment accounts, I have (for decades now) verified that I entered everything correctly by checking the "Market Value" as of the date on the investment statement. I have found all kinds of entry errors this way over the years. But now, when I change the date in the Portfolio View, I don't see my portfolio as it was on that date - it changes nothing, which means it is as of today's date, or the last time it was updated. Not helpful.

I hope this was a bug introduced in a recent update and not someone's idea of a feature.


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    @MeMyself&I Unless I'm misunderstanding you, I'm not seeing this. Are we talking about the "Data as of" date on the Portfolio screen:

    Like you, I use this feature to reconcile my Quicken data versus monthly or quarterly brokerage statements. As soon as I change this date, I see the graph and the table below, including the Market Value total, change immediately. Nothing has changed.

    Editing to add: Oh, did you add the "Moral of the story" line above after discovering it was an "operator error" on your part? ;)  So everything is working for you as it should now? 

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    Yes, I forgot that for the College Savings Plan account, Quicken only knows the market price on the statement closing date if I enter it manually. So I was changing to a date with no new price info, which meant the totals didn't change. Definitely user error.
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