Unable to login to Desktop App or signin.quicken.com - "Invalid Credentials"

I've been using Quicken for Windows for several years. Yesterday the desktop app did an auto-update from Build to Build When the app restarted it prompted me for my Quicken ID credentials. I entered the password and got "Invalid Credentials" even though I know the user ID & password were correct (I use a pwd manager).

I tried signing in on the website (signin.quicken.com) and got the same message. I did multiple password resets. Each reset was successful, but when I tried to login to the web using the new password, I still got "invalid credentials".

After multiple calls to support they tell me that it's a geo-blocking issue - "Quicken is only licensed for US and Canada". I live in the US but travel to Europe and Australia regularly. I have never had an issue before using the website or app when overseas so this doesn't make sense. Presumably Quicken still wants its US customers to be able to use the app when travelling??? I'm currently in Italy trying to use the app.

I've tried using a VPN to route via a US IP address - no luck. After multiple attempts I was able to create a new Quicken ID on a iPad using Safari (the irony) and I can intermittently login to quicken.com using that ID. The VPN doesn't appear to make a difference. If I try to login from the same iPad using Chrome, it fails.

Has Quicken has made some change the the authentication verification process in recent days?

I use Quicken to run my business so I am in a real bind right now. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


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    We use a remote desktop client to access the Windows desktop on a home computer where we maintain Quicken.  There are a variety of free implementations available.  If you are Windows and network savvy, I recommend Microsoft's Remote Desktop.  If you want simplicity, I recommend TeamViewer.
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