Security Detail View shows incorrect values for Market Value and Cost Basis

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When I open SDV it shows under "My Holdings" incorrect values for the Market Value and Cost Basis categories vs the Investing Portfolio page. The values shown on SDV are double the values on the Investing Portfolio page which does show the correct values for the security. Note that at one time the particular security had shares held in two different accounts but is currently held in the second account only. Also the graph displays the wrong values.


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    If you go to the first account, does it show a share balance of zero for the problem security? If not, make sure the security has been properly sold or removed from that account.

    The holdings in all accounts will be included in the Security Detail view even if an account is marked Hidden or Separate.
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    Yes it shows a share balance of zero. 17 shares were purchased and 17 shares were sold in that account.
    Another example involves only one account where one security was purchased, and currently still held, the SDV view shows almost double the values for CB and MV.
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