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I notice in the register a Charge column and a Paid column. Is there any way to mark an invoice paid in the Paid column without making another entry such as you get when you record a new customer payment


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    If this question is sort of an add-on to your prior question, ...
    The only way to mark a Customer Invoice in the Customer Invoices account as paid is by means of recording a New Customer Payment transaction.
    If you record payments received in your bank checking or credit card account and change them into a transfer to the Customer Invoices account, then a Refund or Credit transaction will be created in the Customer Invoices account, not a New Payment transaction. The only way to mark invoices as paid after the fact is by means of entering a New Customer Payment transaction with a $0.00 amount. In the New Customer Payment dialog mark the Apply Existing Credits box and mark outstanding invoices as paid in the list until all credits have been used up. This will update the invoice transactions and mark them as paid ("c" in the Clr column) but will not record a $0.00 transaction into the register.
    As I said earlier, it's better to record a customer payment transaction BEFORE accepting a downloaded bank transaction into the bank account register. This creates a bank account register transaction to which the downloaded transaction can be matched instead of creating the problem with duplicate transactions in the bank register.
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