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I had Quicken when I started my business back in 2019. I thought the grass was greener and switched to QB only to find the grass is bitter. I come back to Quicken with my tail between my legs. So my question is this. All my old information is still there and I would like to only show the current year and start fresh. I really don't need to access the old information but guess it would be nice to look back (but not necessary) Is there a way to only show current year. I would like my customer list to remain and my items but I don't really care to see all the previous data of sale, balances, etc.


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    If you go to Edit > Preferences > Reports and Graphs, you can set the default date range for reports to Yearly and new reports will default to the current year. The old data will still be present and you can easily customize reports for other date ranges. If you haven't already, you will need to adjust your account balances to make up for any missing transactions.

    Alternatively, you can go to File > Copy or Backup and make a copy of your file that only includes banking transactions starting at a date you set. Investing transactions are not affected. Your accounts must be reconciled for this to work properly, because only reconciled transactions prior to the selected date are removed from the active file.
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