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Multiple Monitors

dja12345 Member
My quicken is not working with Multiple monitors properly.

If I use my large monitor the category selection options open on other monitor in tiny unreadable fonts.

I've followed all of the resolutions steps.

the problem is ONLY with quicken. All my other apps work perfectly.


  • Sherlock
    Sherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    If you aren't already, I suggest you open Quicken on the monitor you have set to be the main display.
  • ernienet
    ernienet Member ✭✭
    I'm having the same issue with a new Windows 11 computer with three monitors. The drop-downs for Category and Class in the register are opening in the laptop monitor, not fully displayed, and so tiny it's barely readable.

    I closed Quicken and reopened it, and it opened to the large monitor where I was using Quicken before - but that didn't change anything. I would hate to have to make the big monitor the main display - that would really screw up my workflow.

    This is clearly a Quicken issue, as in the similar reports of users who detach from external monitors and find that when they re-open Quicken that it's not there - but it's actually trying to display on a monitor that's not there.

    When I detach from a monitor - usually due to a power failure - all my open apps move to the laptop monitor regardless of what screen they were on. Quicken doesn't seem to follow this rule. You simply can't claim that it's a Windows issue when virtually every other program (Outlook, Adobe Illustrator, Brave browser, Harvest Time Tracker, etc.) ALL automatically detect the monitor is off and move the app to the monitor that is on.

    But Quicken does not - and worse, the drop-downs don't drop down within the Quicken window, but show up in the laptop monitor, which because of it's higher-resolution, is tiny and unreadable. And it's not a solution to magnify my laptop monitor - it's fine for most all work I do, and the drop-downs BELONG WITHIN THE PROGRAM THAT THEIR BEING OPENED IN!

    Fix this, Quicken - I know Quicken is old - I've been using it since the DOS version of 1989 - but you've GOT TO REWRITE the Windows interface for modern computers.

    I have had such high hopes for Quicken when Intuit sold it to one of the original developers, but things are not going all that well - I know Simplifi is important, but so is Quicken.

    Thank you,
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