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I have 2 files and don't know the difference.
Qdata 7-1-19 5-11-2022 11:44am 31,680KB
Qdata 7-1-19-2021-05-24_10-47-06-180 5-13-2021 1:41pm 69,588KB

These are on my cloud and being synced by FreeFileSync. Can I delete the 5-13-2021 file?
Thanks for the help.


  • splasher
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    The files are named like that because when you have done Quicken file restores, you allowed Quicken to keep the date of the backup in the file's name versus having it changed back to just QDATA.
    Open up the files and look at them to decide which file is with the latest changes.  You can confirm which file is open by looking at the upper left corner's banner for the file's name. 
    Then close Quicken.
    After that, rename that file to QDATA.QDF using Windows Explorer.  Then double-click on the renamed file to cause Quicken to start and open the file.
    The other file I would change its name (something other than QDATA) and then wait awhile before deleting it just in case you made the wrong choice.

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  • Dannys22
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    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I'm aware that the file named 7-1-19 is the CURRENT data file that I use. I guess I wasn't clear enough. I wanted to know if the 2nd file can be deleted and why it was so much bigger the the data file.
    Thanks for the help.
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    The second file appears to be a version of the Qdata-7-1-19 file that you backed up on 5/24/2021 and later restored.  I don't recognize the "_10-47-06-180" suffix, as any part of Quicken's normal processing.  That the file was a backup made 5/24/2021 but seems to have a file date of 5/13/21 is also a non-sequitur.  

    As to the reduction in file size, that would most likely come from you deleting a significant number of transactions or attachments in the interim.  
  • Dannys22
    Dannys22 Member
    Thanks for the help
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