How can I remove a bank account to replace with a fresh download from the bank?

Somewhere along the way, my local file has gotten out of sync with my bank's. As far back as I could go (a month and a half), all transactions I have on my local file have cleared, yet my online balance is higher than quicken is showing.

I have reconciled my balance on every download until this one (the first in about a month), and all transactions are present online and locally. I should easily be able to balance this account but cannot find the error.

I have tried Quicken's reconcile and repair functions (no errors found), but I still show several hundred dollars less than my bank. I cannot find duplicate transactions in my ledger.

I would like to delete my file and start with a fresh download of the same account, but I do not want to have to re-enter all my reminders. Is this possible? If so, how?

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  • splasher
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    Did Quicken change the Opening Balance of the account for some reason?  Check in a backup from before this happened to compare the amount.
    If it did, I suggest putting the amount in the memo field of the transaction for future reference and change the amount accordingly.
    You will be warned about changing a reconciled transaction, but you can ignore that in this case.

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