contact support for refund + cancel of software?

I paid for a year of quicken after reading there was a 30-day money back guarantee. I downloaded the tools and see that the premier version of quicken I bought does not connect to any of my bank accounts, so in order to track any of my finances I would have to manually enter every single transaction. my banks do not offer downloading transactions in "quicken" file formats.

So I need to cancel and when I am able to get online I see that "phone and chat support are not available" and my only option is to "ask the community" so - does anyone know how to contact someone to get my refund and cancel this purchase (bought only one day ago).

What is funny, however, is that the cheaper more "basic" tool, "simplifi" does connect to my accounts. So, I might try that tool out and would be open to a license transfer if that was possible, but I somehow doubt it since in my account I wasn't even given the option to downgrade. (the button was there, but greyed out and not interactable.)

Thanks for the insight! Super bummed that Quicken will not work for any of my accounts, as I was really looking forward to using the tool.


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