Validating file corrupts transfer transactions which are correct before validation runs

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Error reported:

"The following transaction(s) involving transfers appear to be damaged.
You should delete them and recreate as appropriate."

"Validate File" - damages some old transfer transactions which are perfectly valid before I run the validation. It removes 'transfer account' from one account but keeps it on the other.

Transfer between account-1 and account-2,
Everything is okay with this transfer, 'go to matching transfer' works just fine from either account
Run 'Validate File'
Error reported and account-1 still has the transaction in the register but no account-2 is populated, while account -2 register shows transfer transaction with account-1 populated but 'go to matching transfer' results in an error telling to matching transaction exist.


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    The implication is the Quicken detected a transaction erroneously referencing the transfer and the attempt to repair the issue caused the subsequent damage.  I suggest you follow the guidance and delete and recreate the transactions.  

    Note:  Validate and Repair does not detect and correct all possible Quicken file corruptions.  I suggest only using Validate and Repair if necessary.
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