reminder dates not in sequance

I am running version R40.21 and there have been changes to bill and income reminders layout since the previous versions.
I like to have my bill, income and transfers combined together and listed by date sequentially. Since one of the updates Quicken now groups reminders as overdue, due soon and upcoming. I have tried to find a setting to change is but I am unable. Can someone give me some good news and tell me there is a hidden setting to change grouping the reminders?
Thank you


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Can you provide a screen shot? I have tried to sort my reminders by Status as you describe, and cannot. I can only sort by Due Date, Payee, and Amount.

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  • Sherlock
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    There is no such setting on the Bills, Income, & Transfers view on the Bills and Income tab when ordered by Due Date.  I suggest you consider using the Bill and Income Reminders window (press Ctrl + J) or a Bill and Income Reminders item on a Home view instead.
  • ccpjr
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    Here is the screen shot.
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