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I have experienced many Quicken crashes mostly when using the bill and income tab of Quicken.  I spent 3 hours on the phone with Quicken support who could not assist and told me that I needed to contact Quicken Beta team.  No idea why since my version of Quicken is NOT a beta version.  As a clue, I am having issues on two machines which are both running Windows 11 pro.  The issue does not arise--at least so far--when I installed Quicken on an old compute running Windows 10 Pro.  Can anyone direct me further??


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    Please do HELP, About  Quicken and tell use what BUILD of Q you're running and what product is shown there.
    And, if you're not running Q Beta, why does the line after your UserId show "Windows Beta"?

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  • mark1852
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    I am not using Quicken Beta, although I have been a beta tester in the past.  Quicken support set this up for me and claims that the Beta group is the one that can help.  I was frankly very unhappy with support and questioned why Beta would assist but Level II support refused to get on the phone with me.  The person speaking with me was very polite--but could not help.  My version is 40.21.  Build
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    I am also seeing frequent crashes while navigating inside Bill & Income tab, Bills & Income section. Sometimes scrolling thru listings and other times when selecting an entry for editing.

    The crashes spawn a crash report window. You should always send in a report. Quicken developers look closely at crashes and will eventually fix them if the reports keep coming in. I've been submitting several per week for the last few weeks.
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    I am glad I am not the only one.  Support was of little help.  And yes, I submit the crash reports.  I recently installed Quicken on a different computer running Windows 10.  I had ii installed on two different computers running Windows 11.  Still crashes but less frequently.  Maybe this is just a 'fluke'.
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