How can you rename a file?

I had to a complete restart of my file because it got so messed up. It is now called "Old file before restart". I would like to rename it. But it doesn't seem like it would be good to just rename it outside of quicken.


  • @brenda d it would be ok to rename the file outside of Quicken.  But I would recommend making a backup of your current file and then restoring it with a new name.  Also, there is a "copy file" function within Quicken, but that process deactivates all your online connections, and you would need to restore them.
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    While is it okay to rename a file outside of Quicken, copying them can cause problems.
    Here is an example.  You start with a file that has both parent and children accounts in it.  You decide to split it in to two files by making a copy and deleting the respective accounts from the two copies.  The issue with this is that the Quicken file ids in the two files are the same and Quicken will confuse them in the background.  In this example case, the copy should be made with the internal Quicken copy routine which creates the copy with a different internal file id.
    So, as long as the new file is not a "copy" of the old file, renaming the old file should not be a problem.

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