after update Some Schwab transactions were removed in Quicken. Quicken and Schwab do not match.

I guess the question with all of this below is "Am I going on the correct path to correct the problems inside of quicken?" This discussion is about Schwab accounts, but I have problems too with bank checking and credit card accounts.

I just reconciled a small Schwab account. For 7 securities the purchase transactions were no longer in quicken, so the number of shares in quicken were now zero and the security no longer displayed in quicken investments however you could still see in the transactions view the dividend transactions for the security... there is just no longer the purchase transaction. 3 securities had also been sold and the sold transactions still existed while the original purchase transaction had been removed. The result for those was on the investment view that security had negative shares and therefore the security had a negative market value when it should have been zero and not listed at all.

Two weeks ago this Schwab account matched the account at Schwab. After an update the account has been off about 25% in market value in quicken compared to Schwab. I have been working on resolving this for all of my Schwab Accounts for 2 weeks and about 30 hours of work. I wonder how many users this has happened to and how many hours customers have spent trying to fix the issue caused by the update.
I am hopeful tonight that the issue is fixed for that one account having spent about 4 hours tonight finding and fixing the errors. I will then work on the other 10 accounts I have at Schwab.

Two weeks ago, prior to the update all investment accounts matched Schwab. But after the update all of the Schwab accounts were marked as deleted. I had to deactivate and reactivate. After that the accounts were very far in market value like the account I mentioned above. I have been working to resolve or understand the issue. One unsuccessful attempt was to create a new file and to create new investment accounts, but that only brings in 90 days of transactions and creates placeholder transactions, expecting you to type in years and years worth of cost basis transactions.

Tonight I repaired price history and history of lots. The market value in quicken did not change.

After that for this account, I reviewed each security and compared shares and market value. For 7 securities the purchase transactions appear to have been removed in quicken. Therefore 4 of the securities had zero as the number of shares and did not list on the Investment View. 3 of the seven had also been sold and in quicken and because the purchase transaction had been removed, the share balance was negative and therefore also had a negative market value. Once the purchase transactions were re-entered the account matches to Schwab for every security and I adjusted the cash balance to match too.

funny things about the purchase transactions that were removed during the update. They all were from different months and years. Not all purchase transactions were removed 7 out of 16 securities. The consistent thing (and only thing) making up for the difference in Market value from Quicken to Schwab was the purchase transactions had been removed for the 7 securities.


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    "After an update..."
    What version and build were you updated to?  Assuming you've not downloaded any subsequent updates the clicking Help > About Quicken should give you this information.
    When you noticed the discrepancy did you try opening the backup just before the update occurred?  (The update process is supposed to make a backup before installing the update.)  If you didn't try this then you might find that backup, rename it to some name that's not the same as your current active file, and then restore the backup and see it you're seeing the same problems.  That might be a faster way of fixing things.
    The hard truth is that Express Web Connect (EWC) is just not a reliable as the Direct Connect method Schwab abandoned.  In my Schwab Accounts I've experienced certain, seemingly random, transactions not being downloaded.
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    Hi Tom. I am on version R41.10 Build
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    A similar issue. I confirmed tonight that Citizens Bank is no longer part of the Online Update and that I have to download to QFX files from the Citizens accounts and then upload into quicken. I finished that tonight and those accounts are in balance and reconciled for the first time in 2 months. I was surprized that I found that infomation out from Citizens and not from Quicken. I had put a lot of work in trying to understand why those accounts were not reconciling.
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    I have been trying to fix my Schab account in quicken. I find a security without a "Buy - Shares Bought" transaction. I add it with that transaction code. It shows up in the transaction register for that schwab account. It matches the actual schwab account for market value and cost basis.

    Via quicken I ask quicken to update accounts. It might delete this transaction.... or it might keep it but the 2 or 3 update or tomorrow when I update the transaction is deleted and AT&T no longer exists in quicken....the quicken transaction is gone. I have been working all evening adding the deleted purchases back.....I enter the missing transactions and might walk away from the pc or do an update. Right now I can see after an update some of the stocks that a re-added tonight (they were deleted from when I added them yesterday. But earlier tonight 3 hours ago I re-added AT&T.... It was there at 10:30 pm. At 10:54 tonight it was gone and the transactions no longer exist. Other stocks... but no all are still there....But I will say that every stock in this quicken investment account I added tonight, I had already added them back into the account earlier this week.

    Does Quicken software not work anymore with Schwab?
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