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Fidelity Investments data download for Amazon stock is Incorrect!

Carl Richmond
Carl Richmond Mac Beta Beta
edited July 2022 in Investing (Mac)
The price history on Amazon stock looks to be all dorked up.  See the attached screenshot.  The opening price from 6/1/22 to today 6/7/22 is correct, but not before that.  Also, (and this is the BIG PROBLEM), the closing price up through 6/3/22 is wrong by ~20x.  Is it a Quicken Mac issue, or did Fidelity Investments provide the wrong data for download to Quicken?  Whatever it is, it’s totally wrong.  And it wasn’t this way yesterday.  This just happened.

I'm using Quicken Beta Premier Version 6.7.1 (Build 607.44146.100).  My macOS is 12.0.1.


  • Jim_Harman
    Jim_Harman SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Amazon's stock split 20:1 and started trading at the lower price June 6. The closing prices in your file appear to be correct.

    Sometimes the prices that Quicken downloads do not correctly reflect the dates of splits.
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  • Carl Richmond
    Carl Richmond Mac Beta Beta
    Ok, I see that now.  Thanks for the info.  That explains what dorked up my investment account.  When Quicken downloaded the latest Fidelity transactions somehow the Amazon shares adjustment due to the stock split had a 2017 date on it.  That inflated the market value of my Amazon investment from 2017 to June by 20X, causing the portfolio graph and gain/loss calculations to be wacko.  When I adjusted the effective date of the added Amazon shares to 6/6/22 it all came back to reality.
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