Are features of Quicken for Mac identical to Quicken for Windows?

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I'm a longtime Quicken for Windows user. I run Quicken for Windows on a Mac, using bootcamp. I'm thinking about getting a new Mac with the Apple silicon, which won't run bootcamp anymore, so I'm considering switching to Quicken for Mac, but I recall reading a few years ago that Quicken for Mac didn't have all the features of the Windows version (esp. re investment accounts) and that data would be lost converting from Windows to the Mac version. Is this still the case, or will Quicken for Mac have the full functionality that I now have with my Quicken for Windows? (I'm a subscription user, so have the latest version of Quicken for Windows. A related issue is can I convert my subscription to Quicken for Windows to Quicken for Mac?)


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    There are still differences between Quicken Windows & Quicken Mac, but not as many as there used to be. For instance, there's no retirement planner in Quicken Mac and no Home & Business version. But there are investment accounts.

    And while bootcamp is no longer an option, you can still use programs like Crossover to run Windows programs on the Mac if you don't like the Mac version of Quicken.

    As for your subscription, it covers both Mac & Windows so you're already set.

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    Since you already have a Mac and a Quicken subscription, you're in good position to evaluate for yourself. You can run the converter on your data file and assess how cleanly it migrates to the Mac. Assuming it comes across well, or you can clean up any balance or oddities in order to have a workable Quicken Mac file, then the suggestion is to use both programs in parallel for a little while. You will have a learning curve with Quicken Mac. If you can use both programs for a few weeks, you should get a good idea if sticking with the Mac version will work for you. Use this forum to ask questions if you can't figure out how to do certain things you're used to doing in Quicken Windows. 

    (If you don't want to do every transaction and action in parallel, do some things to get comfortable with Quicken Mac while continuing to use Quicken Windows; you can always re-convert your Quicken Windows data again when you're ready to make the switch for good.)
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