Inability to open Quicken's QDF file on my Dell desktop computer (Q Win 2002 Australia)

I have been a heavy user of Quicken Personal 2002 second edition Australian edition version 9.1.0 since 1999. The program is currently installed on my Dell desktop computer, running Windows 7.
I have a customer ID (xxxxx), along with a registration number and a 20 digit licence key.

I have recently been unable to solve a problem of being unable to open the Quicken QDF file on the computer’s hard disc. Fortunately over the years I have religiously backed up the QDF file on two separate external discs (currently USB drives). As I cannot now open what should be the primary QDF file on the computer hard disc, I have to open a USB QDF file (which is recognised on the Dell computer) to record financial entries which I then back up to the other USB disc. I also back up to the QDF file on the Dell computer which I can only open if either of the USB drives is plugged in to such computer.

My question is: how may I enable the QDF file on the Dell computer to open of its own accord in the C: drive without relying on the USB drive to be plugged in to the computer before this may happen?

Should I uninstall, then reinstall the Quicken program? I still have the installation CD to do this, although I note from the CD that it’s compatible with Windows up to the XP version and not beyond; however, I have been running my Quicken program successfully on Windows 7 (I can’t recall how such compatibility was achieved).

While I am totally reliant on the two USB Quicken drives to enter financial information, I do not consider this is the safest position to be in.

I would be pleased to receive your advice on possible solutions to my problem.

Vincent Rice
08 June 2022

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