One-Step Update and TIAA Bank

0. I've used Windows Desktop Quicken practically every day this Century and part of the last one. I'm not a Newbie.
1. Today I'm using Windows 11 Home (w/all upgrades) and Quicken v11 Build I've completed a "Validate and Repair" of my data - no errors reported; no repairs were needed.
2. My wife and I each have accounts with TIAA Bank account and I want BOTH of them to work with Quicken One-Step Update.
3. Quicken One-Step Update works flawlessly with **my** TIAA Bank account - every day. That customer account has three checking/savings accounts in my name and each downloads/updates to Quicken just fine, thank you.
4. My WIFE'S account with TIAA Bank doesn't. While she has just one checking account with TIAA Bank, Quicken cannot today even complete a connection to her UserName at TIAA Bank.
5. HISTORY: accessing her account has always been "problematic." Over the years (literally, YEARS!) I've received a collection of CC-5xx error messages (mostly saying "Try again later.") - but only on my wife's account with TIAA Bank. So a few weeks ago I disabled my Wife's account entirely from the One Step Update service, expecting to next execute a reconnect "from Square-One." That didn't work, either.
6. Now Quicken won't even complete the new One-Step Update Setup dialog. Following the dialog prompts, I enter her the bank's UserName and Password - and click on "Connect." After a long session of "Looking for Your Accounts at TIAA Bank", Quicken hangs with a response reporting only this (unnumbered) Error Message: "Sorry. We encountered an error. It's not your fault."
I've reported this to Quicken Voice Support (Quicken Support Ticket #9513806), spent almost an hour of "Share Screen" time with them, and sent them several versions of my Log files after duplicating this error for the rep in real-time. We even bailed on my datafile and attempted to connect a fresh, new TEMP datafile intending to connect my wife's account with TIAA Bank - all to no avail. CONCLUSION: The tech was as frustrated as I've become - and finally gave up with the parting advice simply to "wait 48 hours and try again." That (predictably) hasn't worked, either.
I've used Quicken continuously since the Days of DOS! It's difficult to believe Quicken's One Step Update service just can't support TWO user accounts with TIAA Bank....
Any ideas?


  • pegloor
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    I have the same issue, some of my accounts work, some do not. If I reset the account Quicken cannot make the connection to TIAA and i get the cc-501 error. This has been a problem for weeks. It used to work flawlessly. I contacted Quicken and followed the same steps as above including Validate/Repair. Quicken Desktop R41.10 BUILD Windows 10 Home.
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