Since the R41.10 update: checking download includes pending trans in total only.

My Ally checking account now includes pending transactions in the online balance, but the transactions are missing. This totally defeats the purpose of downloading, IMHO. I have to go online and verify. I like the thought of seeing it all, but the numbers need to balance. Is this by design now?
Windows 11
Quicken Premier via Subscription


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    Do the pending transactions download later in the day or the next morning? 
    If so, do the Online Balance and the Current Balance in Quicken then match?
    Does Ally included in the available online account balance pending transactions? 
    And has Ally done this for awhile now or did they start doing this only recently?  (Increasingly, banks are crediting and debiting accounts with pending transactions whereas the historical practice was to account for only the fully posted transactions in the online account balance.)

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R54.16 on Windows 11)

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