R41.10. Locked up when trying to rearrange accounts

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Updated to R41.10. (Running under windows 10)

On the account bar, clicked the gear on top right of the bar. If I click "Rearrange accounts" the whole screen grays out and the program is locked (beeps when I click anywhere in window). Needs to use task manager to end Quicken.
Going into "Account List" from the gear to rearrange is OK.
This feature supposedly added in R41.9, but I did not try it at the time.

Anyone else see this?


  • Chris_QPW
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    I saw this (and a bit more) as described in this post, but for me after I killed/restarted Quicken it worked on the second attempt.
    New rearrange accounts feature causes Quicken report an error trying to open data file. — Quicken
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  • IntuitDan
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    I'm seeing it too. Currently blocked from exiting the account rearrange window. That window is way off to right of my screen -- maybe the SAVE/DONE box is off-screen (and that window cannot be moved). Ctrl-Alt-Del/End task did not fix when restarting. Rearrange window even FURTHER off screen
  • UKR
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    edited June 2022
    Until they fix it for users with Account Bar on the right side and "X" or "Save" off the screen ...
    • When stuck in this mode, press Alt-F4 (the "F4" key) to exit from the Rearrange Accounts view
    • Temporarily move the Account Bar to the left (View Menu / Account Bar / On Left) and/or
    • make the Account Bar wide enough so the Rearrange Accounts overlay fits into the Account Bar's space and/or
    • make the Quicken window narrower so it doesn't fill the entire screen width
  • patuper
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    I just love new features that lock your screen and make you reboot
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