Changing the Quicken ID associated with a data file

My father recently passed away and I am having to take over all the finances for my mother.
Both me and my father use Quicken, latest subscription version, although I use Premier and he used Deluxe.
There is still approx. half a year remaining on his subscription, and I don't want to renew it when it expires obviously.
I simply want to transfer my father's data file to my computer starting immediately and just use my registered version of Quicken to work with the file, toggling back and forth between my file and his as needed.
Of course when I open his file on my computer Quicken complains that a different QID is associated with his file and requires me to enter it. I do have that QID and password, so that is not a problem, at least as long as his subscription lasts.
Is there a way to just change the QID associated with his file to my QID, since when his subscription expires he won't have an active QID anymore?
The only online accounts he had set up for downloads was to Bank of America for checking, savings, and Visa card. Although I may eventually want to enable online access for some of his other accounts.
Hopefully this gives enough info to answer.
Thanks in advance.


  • splasher
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    All you need to do is go to Edit->Preferences->Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts and click on Sign on as different user to change the Quicken ID associated with the data file.

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  • Brucee32789ywe3290
    Thank you, that did the trick. Needed to Deactivate and Reactivate online on the BoA accounts, but it's working now. Just as general FYI, in case any of the online community is interested, BoA no longer will allow Direct Connect on what they consider new accounts. Best they will allow is Express Web Connect. When my dad died and we went to BoA to take him off the accounts and my mom got a new UserID and Password for the account they jointly had open for 40 years, BoA considered it "new" and will not by design allow Direct Connect. BoA is horrible and my goal is to get my mom out of there and go with a more customer friendly bank.
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    The problem is with the new user ID. Direct Connect accounts are grandfathered based on the user ID. If you can change the credentials to use Dad's old ID, you might be able to restore the DC connection.

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  • [Deleted User]
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    I can understand why they would reopen new investment accounts for tax reasons (new cost basis), but they should have allowed any joint checking, savings, or CC accounts to remain intact and just changed the ownership to your mom.
  • Brucee32789ywe3290
    Thank you for the additional comments. The BoA problem existed while I was still using my dad's QID on his computer. The problem is a BoA policy. When they took my dad off the 40+ year joint account, they made my mom get a new BoA username and password. That's what triggered the "new account" to BoA.
    Their policy now is no Direct Connect due to "security of 3rd party apps." Yeah right! Any grandfathering of DC was based on my dad's BoA username and password, which they forced my mom to change. I tried to explain to the manager when we sat in her office that I don't want to use their bill pay, I want to do it thru Q. Otherwise I have to enter the info twice. She didn't care. Horrible customer service at that place. Thanks all for the help!!
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