Lost ability to edit memo in a scheduled transaction

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I'm not sure if this is a bug, new(ish) behavior I've not noticed, or what. I want to make a one time Memo/Note in a scheduled transaction and I can't select that field. I think this may have to do with the QuickFill Rule being locked? However, I've not been able to unlock it. When I Control-click on the transaction and choose "Save QuickFill Rule" the window opens showing "Lock this rule to prevent changes to it when editing a transaction" is checked. However if I uncheck it and click save it does not stick. I then tried going through Window > QuickFill Rules. When I open the rule here it is unchecked!

I have attached screen shots showing the "Create QuickFill Rule" dialog from the two places.


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    @RCinNJ You can't (and never could in modern Quicken Mac) edit the Memo field for a single future instance of a Scheduled transaction. A scheduled transaction is basically a template or rule which will be applied to create a real transaction each time you mark it pair or deposited, so you can't create a variation in Memo, Splits, or Tags unless you are applying it to all future instances.

    This has nothing whatsoever to do with QuickFill rules.

    If you want to change the memo in an upcoming Scheduled transaction, unless this is an online bill payment, you can simply mark the instance as Paid, which creates a real transaction from the template. That transaction is still dated in the future, so it shouldn't cause you any confusion or problems, and you can fully edit the transaction. 


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    Jacobs, thanks! I guess this hasn't come up for me before. The transaction is dated for its pay date a couple of days from today. I marked it paid and was able to change the Memo.
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