cant delete online recurring transaction

There is a repeating payment named 'XYZ' that is tied to my Bank. I've tried to delete this from my file several times over the past two years but it Nevers deletes itself. Quicken contacts the bank requesting to delete the repeating payment, and the bank replies with this error: "Your repeating payment instruction for 'XYZ' could not be set up. Your financial institution could not find the repeating transaction you selected.[OL-0359-A]. Then quicken doesn't remove the transaction from my Bills page. Arrrrrrg. Bank doesn't recognize it so quicken wont delete it. Is there a manual way to delete the thing. Please advise???


  • director
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    Sherlock: in another thread said to try this:
    "Press Ctrl + J, select the reminder and Delete. If the issue persist, press the Ctrl key when you select Delete."
    It did not work for me as the delete action just queued up another delete request to the bank, which failed again.
  • Jim_Harman
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    You may need to go to the bank's website and delete the payment there.

    Or perhaps you already did that and Quicken is complaining that it can't delete the reminder because the payment no longer exists at the bank. In that case, you might try setting up a $1.00 payment on the bank website and then deleting the reminder in Quicken.
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