How Do I set up bill pay?

How do I set up Bill Pay


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    Art Polan said:
    How do I set up Bill Pay
    The appropriate answer depends on what you mean by set up Bill Pay.  If you're referring to setting up a payment account register for issuing bill payments from within Quicken and your financial institution supports online bill payment using the Direct Connect connection method, the Online Services tab on the Account Details window (open the account and press Ctrl + Shift + E) will allow you to set up Bank Bill Pay.   If your financial institution does not support online bill payment using the Direct Connect connection method, I suggest you consider setting up the payments at the vendor or your financial institution.  If you still insist on issuing bill payments from within Quicken, you may be set up Quicken Bill Manager and use Quick Pay to pay some online bills.
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    Art Polan said: How do I set up Bill Pay
    what bank do you use -
    to see if it supports the Direct Connect protocol along with using it directly to pay bills -
    Two methods -
    1 - Quicken Bill Manager and Quicken Bill Payments
    2 - Your bank's own bill payment feature used along with Quicken One Step Update to send bill payment transactions

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