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Wells Fargo Error Code BID=3000 and Schwab issues

TheDoctorIsIn Member ✭✭
Quicken all messed up. WF appears to be downloading despite the error code. Meanwhile some Schwab accounts are connected, others not (even though I went through the steps to reconnect and link Schwab accounts) or connecting to the wrong account. Have already logged out and back in. This is 2nd straight day of these problems. Thanks for any help.


  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    What is the exact message that you received?  Because a BID isn't an error code ... it's a Bank ID that used to identify the particular bank.
    And, which WF as known in Q?  See TOOLS, Account  List for the specific WF name?  There a multiple names for Wells Fargo in  Q.
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  • TheDoctorIsIn
    TheDoctorIsIn Member ✭✭
    Institution log in sync error. For WF personal banking (not some other service). Should add that Quicken was also causing my brand new Mac Studio to repeatedly crash. Everything was working well until 2-3 days ago. Really 3 problems: Wells Fargo Banking, Schwab, and crashes.
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