Tax codes no longer working since update

carljh Member ✭✭
First of all, I am an Australian user of Quicken Canada as, like a lot of Aussie users had got sick of the total lack of support from Reckon, the local version of the program. We are all aware that to use the Canadian version we must make compromises, but my files transferred over very easily and have been using it for about 18 months with very few problems. I am addressing this message directly to Support as I know the Community are not going to be able to answer my query. My problem is that Australian tax codes from Reckon used to work if you replaced the Canadian TAX.PRI, SCD & THP files. However, since the update R40.28 build this is no longer the case as, despite deleting the Canadian tax codes, these are now showing up instead of the local ones. I am aware that I had to do this swap after each update. I just need to know if this is to do with a change in programming or could it be a bug as I know there is one involving Canadian GST? If it is the former, then I know I will have to live with it and find another way to track my tax, but if it is a bug, can it be fixed?


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