How do you download your bank statement into Quicken?

When you get a statement from your bank at the end of the month, how do you download that statement into Quicken?

A previous poster commented: "Then you would reconcile Quicken to your bank statement: in Quicken, you'd click reconcile, enter the bank statement ending balance". Where in Quicken is this feature located?


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    The reconcile button is one of the buttons at the bottom right corner of the register, or you can select Reconcile Account from the Accounts menu.

    There's nothing in Quicken that will download your monthly bank statement for you - you'll need to do that yourself.

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    Reconcile in Quicken means you mark as reconciled the transactions in Quicken which appear on your bank statement. You don't download your bank statement into Quicken; you reconcile Quicken against your bank statement. 

    So when I my monthly bank statement is ready, I log onto my bank's website and download the PDF statement. I like keeping a written trail, so I print mine, but many people just open the PDF onscreen. In Quicken, you click the account in the left sidebar, then click the Reconcile button in the bottom toolbar. That brings up a "How would you like to reconcile your balance?" screen. Click Use Statement Balance, enter the ending balance on the statement and the statement ending date, then click Next. On the Reconcile screen which follows, check off all items which appear on your bank statement. (Transactions which you downloaded from your bank will already have blue check marks; transactions which you entered manually will need to be clicked to get the bleu check marks. When the blue check marked transactions match your bank statement, the top of the reconcile screen should show you have a $0.00 difference, and you can click the Reconcile button to save the reconciliation and turn all those blue check marks into green ones, signifying they've been reconciled. 

    Some people like to keep a copy of their bank statements in Quicken. You can attach a file to any transaction in Quicken. If that's what you want to do, you manually download your bank statement to your computer, then in Quicken select a transaction and do Transactions > Add an Attachment. you could choose the last transaction on the statement, or some people prefer to create a dummy transaction (e.g. Payee=Bank Statement, Amount=$0.00) ad attach the document to that. I prefer not keeping attachments in Quicken, because there's no good way to search for them; I'd simply create a folder on your Mac for Bank Statements, with sub-folders by year, and save the bank statements there.

    Quicken also has an auto-reconcile option to automatically mark transactions reconciled upon download as long as the Quicken and bank balance match. I prefer not to use this; I prefer to do the manual reconciliation once a month against a bank statement. 

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    Are you maybe asking how to actually download the transactions on the bank statement?    You either have to download them or manually enter each transaction.  

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    CO-PonyPrincess said:  When you get a statement from your bank at the end of the month,
    how do you download that statement into Quicken?
    just to clarify - are you downloading transactions from your bank during the month - or manually entering them - or ??
    or - expecting to somehow make that all happen at the end of the month with your "statement"

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